CERTIFICATION PROGRAM

For many years, street painters have demonstrated their skills and talents.

A certification system has been established in Italy to recognize the three levels of skill and proficiency.

The FCAA has established a certification-recognition system with three levels:


  • Student – entry level
  • Beginning street painter, chalk artists
  • Participate in 5 street painting festivals or events as part of a group or solo.
  • Attend street painting demonstrations or classes.
  • Produce artworks of people or nature (landscape, animals, seascape, plants)


  • Participate in a total of 10 street painting festivals or events; 7 as a solo artist.
  • Provide a program or demonstration on the art of street painting.
  • Write an article or column for an art publication or newsletter covering street painting techniques, events, or observations about the art form.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of gridding, pouncing, and/or freestyle street painting techniques.
  • Produce artworks from an original composition and a portrait (facial image)


  • Qualify as an apprentice and qualified artist (meet those requirements).
  • Participate in 15 street painting festivals or events, 12 or more as a solo artist.
  • Participate in at least one Large Festival similar or equal to Disney Masters of the Arts Street Painting Festival. (Lake Worth Street Painting Festival / Sarasota Chalk Festival)
  • Provide educational programs, instruction, or demonstrations of street painting.
  • Receive an award in a festival of 30 or more street painting artists.
  • Produce street paintings in 3 of 5 categories such as a master reproduction, portrait, landscape, still life, abstract, impressionistic, black and white, or pop art as part of your entries to demonstrate your skills and proficiency.


►Each applicant artist shall provide a log or entry folder supported by colored photographs, programs, press clippings, website links, and/or supporting documentation to the FCAA MASTERS. A Panel of artists who will review the works and make decisions about the certifications.

►An application fee of $10 will be collected at Festival of the Masters if qualifyied.

►Submit completed application to: FCAAChalkArt@verizon.net

FCAA – Certification System – Draft #4  EAB                                                  7-27-14