APPLICATION FOR PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATION                                                                  Download the .PDF file


►Each applicant artist shall provide a log or entry folder supported by colored photographs, programs, press clippings, website links, and/or supporting documentation to the FCAA MASTERS. A panel of artists who will review the works and make decisions about the certifications.

►An application fee of $10 will be collected at Festival of the Masters if qualified.

►Submit completed application to:


Applicant Name: _______________________

Address:              _______________________

City, State, ZIP    _______________________

Telephone Number     ___________________       email Address: _________________

Member of FCAA since: _________________      Current member (  ) for __________


As a participating member of the Florida Chalk Artists Association, I apply for the professional designation:

(   )   Semplice                    Apprentice

(   )   Qualificato                 Qualified

(   )   Maestro                      Master


(   )   I have attached a log and documentation of my involvement in chalk art/street

painting events and activities.


(   )    I have provided a separate folder/binder with supporting evidence of my

chalk art/street painting activities.


References:  (Participating street painters who can verify or attest to my documentation.)


I certify that my application is accurate and that the supporting documentation and attachments represent my street painting involvement and activities.

An application fee of $10 will be collected at Festival of the Masters if qualified.


Dated:  ___________________   Signed  _____________________________________